The Peace You Seek is Seeking You

Empower yourself to break away from negativity in your life.
Learn to Release control of the things you cannot change.
Surrender to the Love and support of the universe.

Soleil Wellness is here to assist deeply sensitive empaths to strengthen themselves energetically and offer guidance as they explore new levels of consciousness available to us on this planet. Private sessions and education, support your journey to alignment with greater joy and happiness.

Out of the Darkness. Into the Light.
Supporting Your Journey
Erin Whiting

About Erin

For my entire life, I always wondered what the heck was wrong with me. I had very little resonance with the way the world around me functioned, but very quickly learned how to fit in as a form of survival.

I always just assumed something was wrong with me and I wanted to hide that as best as possible.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I began to realize, the intuitive directives I had worked so diligently to suppress, were actually a gift I would share with this world.

I’m a human, with a multi-dimensional consciousness, having an experience here on earth, raising my kids, participating in a marriage and doing my best to serve a community of empaths, lightworkers and starseeds to develop a better understanding of their true nature.