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Navigating life with a greater awareness on the planet right now can be a bit overwhelming to say the least! Each post here reflects my journey as an Empath, a resource that I love or ideas related to creating a New Earth. As always, I hope you will use your own discernment when perusing my pages, as these posts are the beliefs that resonate in MY world right now. My hope is to spark some greater understanding within you or connect you to a resource that guides you in finding more freedom and joy in your life.

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The Dark Side of Lightwork

Sept. 27, 2018

I found Reiki in 2010 as a pathway for helping me heal depression and anxiety.  The energy work, training and understanding that came from this amazing healing modality was exactly what I needed in order to find parts of myself I never even knew existed.  I was open and on a mission to share this modality with as many people as I could possibly reach.  My motto was, everyone should be trained in Reiki!

As the years progressed ...

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The Violet Flame to Heal Connections

Sept. 26, 2018

The Violet Flame is brought to us from Ascended Master St. Germaine.  It's a wonderful energetic tool to quickly clear and cleanse your energy. Just picturing a Violet Flame burning in your energy feild with a clearning intention, can evaporate lower frequency energy from your feild.  Below is a meditation with Opheana & Sikaal that I just love.  It's a new take on the Violet Flame and helps you clear connections with a person, group, place and object.  It's so ...

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Discussions on Healing

Sept. 6, 2018

My friend John and I got together to record an episode for his podcast and we had some great discussions! Topics include my personal journey to healing, Reiki, Light Mastery, the energetic shift on the planet, the rise of the empaths, the wounded masculine energy and the rise of the femanie 

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Recorded in March of 2018.




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Empaths, It's Time for you to Master Your Light!

Feb. 20, 2018

If you have always felt like you didn't belong in the world, it's likley you are carrying a very important key to unlocking our future inside of you.  A lightworker, empath, indigo or starseed is someone who was born to be a leader at creating new structures of society.  We were born with more awarness then the average human and we've likely carried fear and doubt about that most of our lives. 

I beleive we are enerting a time ...

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Resonance: The Energetic Reason we Don't Get Along

Dec. 20, 2017

We officially have a YouTube Channel!  Currently, we are posting videos at random, but I hope to make this more regular.  These videos usually involve me rambling away from the Barn, most likely un-showered and completely unedited.  I keep hoping someday I will pull myself together a bit more, but right now, it just takes to much energy to be fancy.  

The topic of resonance has been coming up in many discussions, especially with the holidays right around the ...

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