You are the Guru: Guidance for a Spiritual Awakening

Sept. 14, 2017

If you landed on this site, chances are you’ve already become aware that you are not a human with random spiritual experiences.  The truth is, you are actually a spiritual being riding out a temporary human experience.  For many, this shift in thinking is confusing and sometimes painful.  In our quest for answers, we enter a state of searching.  This is the nature of being a human, we set out on a journey to “figure it out”.  

You see, our human mind needs a category for every experience, and our current culture is more then ready to give you definitions of who you are and what's going to make you happy.  In fact, many of the structures we have in place, such as school and corporate life, give you very little opportunity to explore the reality of your true self.  These structures keep us “comfortably numb” by convincing us that they can deliver a sense of safety, worthiness and purpose.

When we begin to have what’s referred to as a “spiritual awakening”, we realize that we will never fully find safety or value in any of our humanly achievements.  We slowly start to uncover that the peace, joy and happiness was always inside of us, but all along we have been misdirected into thinking we were going to get it elsewhere.  The joy comes from the recognition that we are more then just this temporary blip on the earth and from this perspective you are perfectly loved, worthy and safe.  You can just relax, breathe and experience life.

When we begin realizing we are not who we thought we were, we start to feel an indescribable sense of peace and joy, but can also become a little scared.  We can experience intense anxiety and even depression.  This is a process I call, DE-SCHOOLING.  You need to unlearn all the things.  You are in the process of learning something else and for a while this will feel very uncomfortable.  

On this journey, you will most likely let go of bits and pieces of your identity, only to replace it with other definitions. You may even seek out a “Guru” to help you make sense of the whole uncomfortable dismantling.  We are so use to needing an authority in our lives that we want someone to tell us what’s happening and what we should be doing.

A spiritual teacher or guide can be extremely helpful while you are de-schooling, but the truest and only guide you need to find in this lifetime is yourself.  You have absolutely everything you will ever need to complete the mission that you were born to fulfill.  Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is to understand and trust your own internal guidance system.  It will literally carry you through every challenge or crossroads you will ever meet.

A few things that have helped me along the way….   

  • Devotion to learning and practicing. My spiritual practice is my first priority, even above my family.  I do not ever use excuses (i.e not enough time or money)
  • Being committed to a practice, but also knowing when it’s time to walk away.  Everything has a beginning and end.
  • Stillness, everyday.
  • Love and acceptance for where I am on the journey.
  • Never force something that’s not ready to change.

Where are you now?  Share your journey with us below.