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Navigating life with a greater awareness on the planet right now can be a bit overwhelming to say the least! Each post here reflects my journey as an Empath, a resource that I love or ideas related to creating a New Earth. As always, I hope you will use your own discernment when perusing my pages, as these posts are the beliefs that resonate in MY world right now. My hope is to spark some greater understanding within you or connect you to a resource that guides you in finding more freedom and joy in your life.

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Why NO Really Means YES

March 24, 2014

This month, I found myself being really mindful of my own behavior. I started looking at all the ways I spend my time and asking myself – “are all these actions truly in alignment with who I am?” I let no excuse or judgement about myself stand in my way. I cleared away as much as I could, and then added back in only the behaviors that would serve my highest good.

I said NO to a lot of ...

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