Raise Your Vibration with Reiki

Treatments in the barn are all about helping you find your unique pathway to healing. Our energy field contains various types of blockages brought on by beliefs that are no longer working in our life. When these blocks are left, we develop pain, illness and disease in our physical bodies. Restoring proper energy flow, allows our physical world to change and heal in ways we never imagined possible.

60 Minute Healing Session

In this deeply transformative session with Erin, you will receive guidance on the roadblocks that hold you back from fully experiencing joy and happiness in your life. Various energetic techniques will be used to help...

$75 per visit

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30 Minute Healing Session

This is a perfect tune up to clear your energy.

$35 per visit

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60 Minute Reiki

All practitioners have been trained at Soleil Wellness and work closely with Erin through their learning process.

$60 per visit

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Kristen Carroll Gilbert is offering community style Acupuncture appointments combined with the powerful healing benefits of Reiki. Acupuncture helps shift the energy in your physical body, allowing your body's natural...

$40 per visit

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Intuitive Coaching

This 90 minute session is best used for people who are looking for a more in-depth session to help dismantle the belief systems that hold you back from joy. It can also be used for people who would like 1:1 Reiki Trai...

$100 per visit

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Past Life Regression

With the help of Reiki energy, you will be gently guided into a meditative state to explore a past life.

$80 per visit

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Gift Certificates

Want to share the Soleil experience with a friend? Gift certificates make it easy! Available in any amount, with paper or electronic delivery available.