Treatments in the barn are all about helping you find your unique pathway to healing. Our energy field contains various types of blockages brought on by beliefs that are no longer working in our life. When these blocks are left, we develop pain, illness and disease in our physical bodies. Restoring proper energy flow, allows our physical world to change and heal in ways we never imagined possible.

Erin Whiting

Erin Whiting

Intuitive Healer

Receive support in raising your vibration, healing wounds and shifting your energy dynamics in a private session with Erin. Various energy healing techniques are used to clear lower vibrations from your field, making way for the highest good to manifest in your life.

All appointments are delivered through Skype, Zoom or in person at the Barn.

For more information and to book your session, please visit

Juliana Gotham

Juliana Gotham, MS Ed.

Reiki Master, Restorative Yoga Instructor

Juliana has always had a passion for helping others and the ability to do so in a gentle and healing manner. She pursued a career as a special education teacher and received her master’s degree in Multicultural Education from SUNY Geneseo. After 3 years of teaching she felt a strong calling to shift her career and pursue her higher purpose to help others heal. On her journey towards pursuing her calling as a healer, Juliana knew the first step was to heal herself. She began to focus her attention on healing her mind, body, and soul which led her to explore a variety of healing modalities.

She was first introduced to Reiki in 2008 and it has been an integral part of her spiritual journey ever since. In June of 2015 she became a Reiki Master. In 2014, Juliana became a certified Restorative Yoga Teacher. Her gentle spirit and sincere desire to help others coupled with her personal spiritual transformation has given her the ability to share her knowledge, experiences and gifts. Juliana offers Reiki Treatments, group and individual Restorative Yoga instruction, and spiritual coaching. Please contact Juliana by email at or by phone or text at (631) 456-9544. You can find Juliana on Facebook at

Kristine Codding

Kristine Codding

Reiki Master, IET Advanced Therapist

Kris has known she is deeply intuitive from a very early age. After a long journey healing her own childhood trauma, she began to nurture her natural abilities so she could use her gifts to help others. Kris assists her clients to reconnect to their Presence and shares her unique energy as a pathway for healing.

She offers Reiki, IET, Crystal therapy, and card reading in The Barn. Contact her for an appointment: call/text 585.315.0182 or email: